Winter Essentials! Everything you need for a snow holiday!

Travelling to a winter wonderland? Wondering what to pack for the snow? Look no further. Here are the winter essentials you need to pack for your snow holiday or as I like to call it – your snowcation!

I’m just back from my little snow escapade and boy am I glad I packed everything I did. Since it was my first time with snow, I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. How bad can it be? How cold is freezing?

Daaaaaaamn it’s cold. We were in about -5 degree temperatures and that was pretty damn cold. I can’t imagine what it would be like in Norway at this time of the year!

Anyway, luckily for me, my aunt helped me with a few tips as she had experienced snow before. And now I’m happy to pass on my wisdom as well! 😉 I was there for a total of 3 days. If you’re gonna be there longer, just pack more of the same stuff!

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What To Pack For A Snow Holiday

Layer 1 – Inners

Thermals are your best friend in the cold.
They are a crucial piece of clothing to have for any type of winter you might experience, as they keep you warm and are so much easier to pack than sweaters or jackets. Even if they look ugly, they hide behind your layer 2 smoothly so they are a great solution for any cold conditions.

Don’t forget to buy a full set of a vest and pant. Just the top or bottom will not be enough.

Layer 2 – Your Normal Clothes

Not an important layer, but it is useful if you start feeling warm and want to remove your other layers off. You wouldn’t want to be caught in your inners now, would you? So a light t-shirt would do well for the top and slacks or pants for the bottom.

Avoid ripped jeans – as they look a bit ugly if the inners see-through and without the inners the cold gets through very easily and you will feel cold.

Layer 3 – Sweatshirt and Snow Pants

I could make do with even 2 layers sometimes – a T-Shirt or Inner and my sweatshirt. These are a blessing in disguise. They are warm, cosy and so comfortable. I even went out in the snow with my hoodie and it didn’t get too wet.

However, every body-type can withstand a different amount of cold I guess, so definitely don’t underestimate it! You should pack all layers and then decide what to wear depending on how cold it is!

For the bottom, the layer 3 could be snow pants / waterproof pants. These would go well over inners and/or slacks. Personally, I did not need a third layer of pants.

Layer 4 – Jacket

A waterproof jacket is a MUST! Something that is lightweight so that you can easily slip in and out of it depending on how cold it is. But water-proof is essential, especially if you plan to sit on the snow and play around. Once your clothes get damp, you will feel so much colder and it will get all the more difficult to adjust to.

Something like this is great or any of the jackets mentioned below through Amazon.

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But you aren’t going to be out in the snow all day. So carry a warm sweater as well. You may need this while lounging about in the hotel or in your room.


Gloves – Whether the rest of my body felt cold or not, my hands sure did! They kept freezing up… probably because I kept removing my gloves and playing with the snow (duh). But I had 2 pairs of gloves and they were mighty important.

One pair to keep my semi-warm. I got these cool ones that had a magnetic strip of sorts on my thumb and index finger – so that I could also use my mobile without removing the gloves. (It sorta worked. But there’s still nothing as easy as just removing the gloves, snapping a pic and putting them back on)

And my second pair were for the snow, which were waterproof. So I wore them on top of my first pair. These were quite bulky and a bit annoying, but so needed! I only used it on the 2nd day and immediately regretted not using it earlier. If you’re gonna play with the snow, you need this. period.

Cap – I didn’t need any head gear but I’ve heard from others that covering up your head and ears is pretty much what kept them warm. I did carry a woolen cap and would recommend you to carry one too just in case!

Ear Muffs – I didn’t use them, but they are super effective to keep warm. So if you don’t like feeling cold – make sure you carry these with you!

Muffler or Shawl – Something to cover your neck will keep you nice and cozy. For me personally, I don’t like my neck covered (I couldn’t even zip my jacket up fully) but it will keep you warm, so make sure you at least carry it with you!

Shoes: I bought snow boots especially for this trip and I’m so glad I did! It is my first pair of boots and I absolutely love them! They kept my feet dry at all times (except for the time I sunk my leg so down deep that some snow went inside my boots). Make sure your shoe has a good grip, as the snow when melting or icy can get very slippery. Also, you may want to avoid heels.

I also carried one pair of shoes for inside the hotel-room. They were a slip-on and warm on the inside. You cannot walk barefoot inside the hotel room or within the hotel so definitely carry something.

Socks: Duh! And lots of them! Cos you’re going to be wearing them all day and night. In the snow and within your hotel. Woollen ones would be best, but even normal cotton ones are not bad. You can wear 2 socks at a time if your feet get that cold.

Waterproof Bag – If you’re going to venture out in the snow, it’s best to keep a waterproof bag with you – so that you can lay it down on the snow when you want to take pictures. Since I never wore most of my accessories, I at least made sure I carried them around with me in my backpack, so that it would be easily available to me if I needed them.

I do not endorse the brands or products above, but I’ve listed them as a recommendation & also as a reference. But if you buy from the links above, I would be grateful! 🙂