ME! At a beautiful Temple in Thirukadaiyur, Tamil Nadu


My blog is not only a way for me to help others by giving useful information on places I travel to but also a reminder for me to be in touch with the ‘global soul’ within.

So I’ve decided to set up some travel related goals for the new year 2019 and put it out there for the world to judge me!

This is going to be an insane year, as I’ve also signed up for a lot of new goals in my music (uh huh, check out to know more about my music). Anyway, let’s do this!

  • Travel every alternate month (if not every month!) So that’s a minimum of 6 trips. (7/6)
  • Get my Instagram followers to 10,000 (1900+/10,000)
  • Maintain this blog with a minimum of 24 posts (14/24)
  • Start a video series/travel channel on YouTube (0/12)
  • Write articles for other blogs or websites (25/25)
  • Knock off 5 things from my Travel List (3/5)
    • Done – See REAL Snow
    • Done – Go Camping
    • Done – Visit a UNESCO site
    • Stay In A Hostel
    • TBD
  • Get a brand to sponsor SOMETHING! (1/1)

Okay, this is already intimidating, but I gotta do this! I will update this post monthly to see where I stand!

Did you achieve your goals for last year? What was the journey like? And have you set your goals for 2019?? Drop in your comments below! I would love to be inspired and motivated by your stories!

Dec 2019 Update!

I’ve had a crazy year with a lot of ups and downs (especially downs!) and I’m still pleasantly surprised to see that I managed to hit some of my goals! Hope to acheive bigger and better things next year! Bring it on 2020, I’m ready! 😉