It’s that time of the year again! Christmas is around the corner and then a New Year will dawn upon us bringing with it a promise of new beginnings, greener pastures and brighter memories.

I’ve had an eventful 2019! A lot of ups and downs – some awesome days and some terrible ones – isn’t it always like that? But I do like to give each year its own special importance. And my way of saying Thank You to the year that has been is by giving myself a little gift.

Last year I gifted myself this little blog which has been something I am very proud of! It’s helped me pave my way into the travel space and continues to do so!

This year, I gifted myself this very cute calendar!

It will be a constant reminder of not only the amazing places I’ve travelled to but also to never give up on my wanderlusting spirit! I’ve captured some of my favourite places and have tried to theme it to the month. All the pictures are my own, so it makes it so much more special! Just looking at the pictures brighten up my day!

Come January 2020 and my work-desk is going to have this dash of happiness added to it!

If you are interested in gifting yourself something personal too, check out! They have an awesome collection of themes & formats for personalised items and are very affordable!

Apart from this Calendar, I’ve been using zoomin for various things over the last few years. One year I got a lyric book printed as an ode to my music. Another year, I did a family calendar! I’m doing another family gift this year, with a framed-collage of all 25 of us!

So celebrate yourself! Whether its your travels, your family or just some amazing memories of 2019 – gift yourself a little something! After all you’ve been through, you deserve it <3

Welcome 2020!