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Holi is just around the corner (March 21st 2019) and bless this earth for its on a Thursday! We all know what that means right? It’s not just a long weekend trip, but it’s a mini vacation!

The best part about a 4-day holiday (instead of a 3 day long weekend trip) is that you actually have the time to travel by TRAIN! So that does bring down the cost.

In recent years, I have travelled thrice during Holi. First to Goa, 2nd to Jim Corbett and the 3rd time to Jaipur. Will write about those experiences in another post as they are all great options for a 4-day holiday as well. This year I’ll be going to Bangalore and Hampi! More on that once I’m back 🙂

Also, check out some of my other travel ideas for 2019 which include long weekend trips on this >blog post here<.

All sample itineraries given below are from Mumbai. Comment or send me a message through the form to request a customised one

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Jungle Explorer

Jungle Safaris are great for a mini vacation. They are exciting for the entire family and usually, it’s quite hassle-free as you are focused on only one thing on this expedition. What can be a problem is that on the day of Holi, most of the parks in India are closed.

Sariska Tiger Reserve
Photo from https://www.visittnt.com

Sariska Tiger Reserve, Rajasthan

Wednesday, 20th March
Leave office a little early to catch the MMCT JP SF EXP from Borivali which departs at 19:30

Thursday, 21st March
Arrive at Jaipur Station at 1pm. Head to Hotel. Note - Today is Holi, so be warned for heavier than usual traffic and hooligans on the streets!
Relax at the hotel or take a ride around the city in the evening.

Friday, 22nd March
Travel to Sariska by cab / private vehicle. The drive takes 3 hours, so you can start from Jaipur around 9am to be in time for Lunch at Sariska.
Post lunch, enjoy your first safari in the afternoon and then head back to the hotel for a relaxed evening.

Saturday, 23rd March
2-3 safari's can be done, depending on your interest. (Optional: travel back to Jaipur later in the night)

Sunday, 24th March
Leave Sariska early by 8am to reach Jaipur by 11am (to be safe). Catch the JP MMCT SUPFAST train at 2pm from Jaipur.

Monday, 25th March
Arrive at Borivali station by 7am. Go home, shower, get to work and brag to your co-workers about your thrilling jungle visit :)

Trip Cost* & breakdown (Per Person)-
Train Fares - Rs. 500 onwards (500x2 = 1000)
Hotel - Rs. 800 onwards (800x3 = 2400)
Local Transport - Rs. 1700 onwards for a 4-seater Sedan. (1700x2 = 3400)
Safari - 3500 onwards per safari for 6 people (3500x3 = 10500)
F&B - 700 (700x4 = 2800)
Misc - 300 (300x4 = 1200)

Total Cost
2 persons - 13k to 18k per person
4 persons - 10k to 15k per person

Beach Bum

Goa is always the obvious choice for any long weekend trip. But let me give you an alternate.

Ganpatipule Beach
Photo from http://mtdctourpackages.com/

Ganpatipule, Maharashtra

This is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Arabian Sea. I’ve never been there myself but its been on my list for so many years now! I’ve always been hesitant because I have thought it a difficult place to reach if you don’t have a car.

Well, I’ve been so wrong!

Beat the crowd and leave early to catch a train from Dadar to Ratnagiri.
JAN SHATABDI EX leaves Dadar at 5:30 am and reaches Ratnagiri by 11am.
Have lunch/brunch and hire a car to take you around the town before heading to Ganpatipule which is just a 1 hour away.
Enjoy your evening by relaxing on the beach and drinking bhaang! Beware of the crowd though, during Holi.

Head out early to Jaidgad fort. Spend half a day there and come back to enjoy another leasure evening at the beach and watch the bautiful sunset!

Mornings are best for watersports, so you can either head out to the beach again or explore the outskirts of Ganpatipule. There are many beaches and temples close by like Swayambhu Ganpati Temple, Jaivinayak Temple, Bandarpule Beach and Aare Ware Beach.

Time to head back home. Take a cab to Ratnagiri station. Catch the
ERS LTT DURONTO train that leaves Ratnagiri at 12:45 to reach LTT at 6:15pm.

Trip Cost* & breakdown (Per Person) -
Train Fares - Rs. 250 onwards (250x2 = 500)
Hotel - Rs. 800 onwards (800x3 = 2400)
Local Transport - Rs. 500 onwards by auto (500x4 = 2000)
Watersports - 600 onwards per sport (600x2 = 1200)
F&B - 700 (700x4 = 2800)
Misc - 300 (300x4 = 1200)

Total Cost
2 persons - 8k to 12k per person

Road Tripper

If you love long drives, there’s absolutely nothing better than going on a road trip!

Ajanta Caves
Photo by https://www.trawell.in

Nashik & Aurangabad, Maharashtra

Enjoy the scenic landscapes of Maharashtra and delve into some cultural experiences along the way in this self-drive option.

Set out early in the morning by 5am to avoid bumping into the colourful chaos spirit that is holi. Have authentic maharashtrian breakfasts along the many dhabas and small shops along the highways.
Aim to reach Aurangabad by 3pm (7 hours total distance).
You can visit local sites like Bibi Ka Maqbara, Aurangabad caves (shuts at 5 pm), Shivaji Maharaj museum (shuts at 6 pm).

Spend the day exploring Ajanta & Ellora Caves. Also visit the Grishneshwar Jyotirlinga Temple.

Leave by 8am to reach Sula Vineyards by 1pm. Enjoy a night's stay at the vineyard and do a wine-tasting.

Leave by 12 noon to reach Mumbai by 6pm.

Trip Cost* & breakdown (Per Person) -
Petrol - 1000km (Rs. 5000)
Hotel - Rs. 800 onwards (800x2 = 1600)
Sula Experience - Rs. 10000
F&B - 1000 (1000x3 = 3000)
Misc - 300 (300x3 = 900)

Total Cost
2 persons - 11k to 15k
4 persons - 10k to 14k

Urban Trooper

If city life is for you, explore one of the many metropolitan cities of India. From the nightlife to the street food and of course, shopping – you won’t believe how 4 days will just fly by. Pune is the closest to Mumbai, but most people would have already visited it.

Hyderabad Tourism
Photo from http://www.exploretelangana.com

Hyderabad, Telangana

It may get crazy with the festivities, but hey – that’s part of this thriving city life!

Leave for Hyderabad in the HUSAINSAGAR EXP train which departs at 9:50 pm from CST.

Reach Hyderabad station by 12 noon. Check into your hotel. Enjoy a delicious meal at one of the many amazing eateries the city is filled with. Explore street shopping at Char Minar bazaar and Choodi Bazaar.
Spend a relaxed evening by Hussain Sagar Lake. You can also see the sound & light show here.

Explore heritage sites like Charminar, Golconda fort and Qutb Shahi Tombs.
Indulge in some swanky nightlife at Bottles & Chimney, Kismet or Coco's Bar & Grill.

Spend the day at Ramoji Film City. Head back to Secunderabad station by 8:30 pm to catch the COA LTT EXPRESS.

Reach Mumbai LTT station by 11:05 am and prep yourself for a busy Monday!

Trip Cost* & breakdown (Per Person) -
Train Fares - Rs. 500 onwards (500x2 = 1000)
Hotel - Rs. 800 onwards (800x2 = 1600)
Local Transport - Rs. 500 onwards (500x3 = 1500)
Nightlife - Rs. 2000 onwards (2000x1 = 2000)
Ramoji Film City - Rs. 1000 (1000x1 = 1000)
F&B - 1000 (700x3 = 3000)
Misc - 300 (300x3 = 600)

Total Cost
2 persons - 9k to 12k per person
4 persons - 8k to 10k per person

Nomadic Monk

It’s always a great time to escape to the beautiful mountains and do some soul searching. By the way, I totally stole this name from a very cool Instagram account I’m following. Go check them out at www.instagram.com/nomadicmonk.in

Photo from https://www.indianholiday.com

Mussoorie, Uttarakhand

Enjoy lush landscapes from this paradise of a hill station.

Leave office early to catch the AUG KR RAJ EXP Train from Borivali which departs at 6:15pm.

Reach NIZAMUDDIN station at 11am. Have lunch, drop your lugguage in a locker at the New Delhi (NDLS) railway station and spend the day roaming around Delhi and get some water balloons and 'rang' thrown at you.
Make it back to the station at night for the overnight train to Dehradhun which leaves at 11:50pm.

Reach Dehradhun station by 6am. Take a cab to Mussoorie (1 hour 30 minutes) and check in at your hotel. Spend the day by visiting the Muncipal Garden, Camel's Back Road, town of Landour and Lal Tibba scenic point. Have lunch at The Mall Road and also check out the Adventure Park there for some fun activities.

Another day of sightseeing - check out Cloud's end and Kempty Waterfalls. If you are a wildlife enthusiast, visit the Benog Wildlife Sanctuary.
Catch the NANDA DEVI EXP train back to Delhi which leaves at 11:30pm.

Reach Delhi by 5:30 am. Go visit the Qutub Minar if you haven't already seen it. Catch the BDTS GARIB RATH train back to Mumbai at 3:30pm from H NIZAMUDDIN station.

Reach Borivali by 7:30 am. Go home, sleep a bit and go a little late to office ;)

Trip Cost* & breakdown (Per Person)-
Train Fares - Rs. 800 onwards (800x4 = 3200)
Hotel - Rs. 800 onwards (800x1 = 800)
Local Transport (Transfers + sightseeing) - Rs. 2000 onwards (2000x2 = 4000)
Adventure Activities - 1000 onwards per sport (1000x2 = 2000)
F&B - 700 (700x4 = 2800)
Misc - 300 (300x4 = 1200)

Total Cost
2 persons - 11k to 16k per person
4 persons - 10k to 15k per person

As you might have guessed by now I am not much of a ‘holi‘ person (neither am I a holy person) with the number of times I keep saying ‘beware’! Oh well.

*All costs are approximate and depend upon many factors. You can adjust the trip to fit your budget.

I did not have any great photos of these places, so I had to raid the internet for them. I have given due credit and I hope that is enough. Please write to me in case any of the photos are yours and you want me to remove them!